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Geek Artwork

Geek Artwork

Mission Statement

Our club seeks to study and improve technology,
nurture people's understanding of it,
and to apply it in fun and benevolent ways that benefits not only us,
but socieity as a whole.

Who We Are

We are the Geeks and Gadgets Club of Marshall University. Founded on October 10th, 2015, we are Marshall's premier Computer Science club for undergraduate students. Our club is free for all students to join, and we wish to cultivate diversity of thought and vocation among our members.

Geeks and Gadgets is a strong advocate of free and open source software for all, online privacy, and helping people learn how technology works and how to better use it to aid in everyday life. Our goal is to develop an environment in which those who have an interest in technology can through experimenting, developing, and using technology, learn skills and develop relations with people that will help futher a career in a technology related field as well as other respective disciplines.

Current Activities

To keep up to date with our most recent activities, please visit our Facebook page. There you can find recent group photos, updates on our latest projects, and more!